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Luxury Travel Companion

Luxury International Travel Companion

Thank you gentlemen for visiting my site!


I am not sure if you found my site through searching, or you simply stumbled upon it, but either way, everything does happen for a reason, and there must be a reason why you are here.

My name is Stephanie Hunter

I am an Australian International Private Escort, also known as a Luxury Travel Companion.

Melbourne, Australia is my home, but I consider myself more of a “citizen of the world”.

I am an Independent well established [in certain select circles], high class companion, catering exclusively for the small niche market of the ” discerning , affluent and discreet” gentleman worldwide.

Just to clear some confusion with all the Urban terminologies,primarily, a Travel companion is not a Touring Escort. High Class Travel Companions only travel upon private request, enjoying the company of one gentleman only during the duration of the trip. Touring escorts see multiple gentlemen for short appointments at a time for the duration of their tours.

I do not tour. I am strictly speaking a Luxury Touring Companion.

What exactly does that entail you may ask?

It means simply that I travel Internationally to meet you at your chosen destination. [provided its not in a war zone]

This may include: companionship on a business or leisure trip together.

2.Travel to your home city for a private soiree exclusively for the two of us.

3.Formal date for a specific important function you may need to attend.

4. Cruising the Mediterranean/Caribbean Sea’s  on your yacht [chartered or private]

5. The Orient Express luxury trip for two [London-Paris-Venice]. I don’t think I need to say more.

If any of these options appeal to you, then you have come to the right website.

Please feel free to look through thoroughly. I have tried to make the website as simple and user friendly as possible.

I hope you enjoy it, and hope to hear from you soon


Melbourne High Class Escorts